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D201-S XPT Q6055
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  D201-S XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera

  D201-S XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera is an easy-to- install and easy-to-integrate dome-style camera. It delivers the sweeping overviews and superb zoomed-in detail you expect from a top-of-the-line PTZ camera from Axis. All wrapped up in a patented, stainless-steel housing that’s certified for Class I, Division 1 and Zone 1 for explosion-prone applications, so you can effectively monitor hazardous areas at a lower cost compared to traditional explosion-protected PTZ cameras.

  D201-S XPT Q6055 is a lightning-fast PTZ camera with Guard Tour functionality, which makes it an excellent choice for monitoring vast areas. Plus it features 32x optical zoom and HDTV 1080p resolution, so it provides superb zoomed-in views of people and objects from a great distance. Focus recall gives you instantaneous clarity in low-contrast scenes. And Zipstream technology preserves all the important forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more. In other words, D201-S XPT Q6055 has everything you expect from an Axis Q-line PTZ camera.

  PoE-powered for plug and play installation, D201-S XPT Q6055 weighs less than a traditional explosion-protected PTZ. And that means significant savings because you won’t need electricians and a 3-person crew to install it. In particular, the camera’s low weight makes it easier to install and manage on oilrigs, where heavy winds present a challenge. The casing is prepared for American Petroleum Institute (API) DROP compliance, with additional safety wire for US offshore installations. All the moving parts of D201-S XPT Q6055 are protected inside its steel housing, and the power source (provided by the included AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan) is located in a dedicated junction box – on the ground. So there are fewer possible points of failure, and troubleshooting is easier. The SFP slot in AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan allows for long-distance fiber-optic connection.

  D201-S XPT Q6055 comes with a number of built-in Axis analytic applications that help keep personnel and equipment safe. Enter/Exit detector, for example, can trigger an alarm if someone enters a restricted area. Analytics can also help you make smarter decisions about resource allocation and cut down on routine patrols, for example. Our partners also offer a wealth of additional advanced analytics applications that can be added to D201-S XPT Q6055. And thanks to an open platform and ONVIF compliance, D201-S XPT Q6055 can be easily integrated into any surveillance system.

  D201-S XPT Q6055 防爆 PTZ 网络摄像机

  D201-S XPT Q6055 防爆 PTZ 网络摄像机是一款易于安装且易于集成的半球式摄像机。它可提供您期待从安讯士一流 PTZ 摄像机中获得的大范围概览和卓越放大细节。全包含于一个经 I 类、1 区和 1 区域认证可用于易爆应用的不锈钢专利技术外壳中,因此与传统防爆 PTZ 摄像机相比,您花费更少的费用就能有效监控危险区域。

  D201-S XPT Q6055 是一款快如闪电的 PTZ 摄像机,具备轮巡功能,是监控宽阔区域的理想之选。此外,它还支持 32 倍光学变焦和 HDTV 1080p 分辨率,因此它可远距离提供人和物体的卓越放大视图。对焦唤醒功能可在低对比度场景中为您提供即时清晰度。而且 Zipstream 技术可保留您所需的所有重要捕获细节,同时将带宽和存储要求平均降低 50% 或以上?;谎灾?,D201-S XPT Q6055 具备您期待从安讯士 Q-line PTZ 摄像机中获得的所有功能。

  D201-S XPT Q6055 采用 PoE 供电实现了即插即用安装,因此它比传统防爆 PTZ 摄像机更轻。而且这意味着能节约大量成本,因为您无需电工和一个 3 人小队以对其进行安装。尤其是这款摄像机重量轻,能使其易于在具有挑战性的大风环境下在石油钻塔上安装和管理。其外壳专为符合美国石油协会 (API) DROP 标准而准备,随附用于美国海边安装的附加安全电线。D201-S XPT Q6055 的所有活动部件都被?;び谄涓种仆饪堑哪诓?,并且电源(由随附的 AXIS T8154 60W SFP 中跨设备提供)位于地面上的一个专用接线盒中。因此,会减少可能出现的故障点,故障排查会更容易。AXIS T8154 60 W SFP 中跨设备中的 SFP 插槽可实现远程光纤连接。

  D201-S XPT Q6055 随附一些内置安讯士分析应用,有助于保持工作人员和设备安全。例如,进出侦测器可在有人进入限制区域时触发警报。例如,分析还可帮助您针对资源分配和例行巡逻的削减做出更明智的决定。我们的合作伙伴还会提供大量的其他高级分析应用,这些应用可添加至 D201-S XPT Q6055 中。并且由于具有一个开放平台和 ONVIF 合规性,D201-S XPT Q6055 可被轻松集成至任何监控系统中。

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